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Domestic gas supply shortfall and increasing cost of declining production is driving value in the SA onshore Otway Basin

Rawson Oil and Gas believes that declining production of the larger southeast offshore gas fields, the increasing cost of production and an increasing reliance on contingent resources to fill forecast domestic gas supply shortfalls will lead to a resurgence in onshore gas exploration in the southeast region.  The recent state-wide blackout in South Australia and the consequent revised State Energy Plan which is aimed at increasing in-state gas supply bolster this view. These factors, combined with issues around exploration and drilling in Victoria and NSW are driving an increase in the value of exploration assets in the South Australian portion of the Otway Basin.

Our onshore South Australia Otway Basin assets (PEL 154 and PEL 155) are located in close proximity to infrastructure and markets, and are well positioned to supply gas into the south east domestic gas market.

We have gained an experienced and successful Joint Venture partner in South Australia, with Vintage Energy entering the licence PEL 155. 

At the end of 2017 the JV was awarded almost $5 million from the PACE Gas Grant Program to drill the Nangwarry gas prospect. PACE is a South Australian State Government initiative to accelerate the discovery and production of new gas into the SA market to promote competition and lower energy prices.




Papua New Guinea

Rawson Oil and Gas sees the North Coast as an emerging petroleum exploration region of PNG

Despite recent low commodity prices Papua New Guinea (PNG) remains an attractive global-scale resource investment destination, providing exposure to a persistent level of commercial and operational activity.  Rawson Oil and Gas identified the ability for junior explorers to secure low-cost access to highly prospective petroleum exploration opportunities and entered PNG at the bottom of the market cycle, securing three licences.  The Company has since made a number of other applications in building its portfolio, primarily across the North Coast frontier areas.  Here we are able to leverage the in-country experience of the Directors and Management team and access multiple commercial options in realising the value of the exploration portfolio and tap into PNG's significant undiscovered petroleum resource potential.

Up until now exploration and production has focused on the fold-thrust belt in the highlands and the foreland and shallow water areas of the Papuan Basin.  Now we are starting to see exploration ramp up in the deepwater Gulf of Papua and multi-client seismic activity is now reaching into the North Coast region of PNG. 

This activity, combined with the growing viability of small- and mid-scale domestic gas-to-power and Floating LNG development options all point towards the North Coast becoming the logical petroleum exploration 'step-out' region in PNG.

The Rawson Oil and Gas portfolio is ideally situated to captialise on the emerging North Coast interest with multiple play types and risk profiles.



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