PPL 560

PPL 560 - (Rawson Oil and Gas 60%, Operator)

PPL 560 - An Example of Low Cost Exploration in the Cape Vogel Basin

Rawson Oil and Gas has a 60% interest in PPL 560, Cape Vogel Basin, Papua New Guinea.

  • Large multi-Tcf gas potential structures mapped on seismic allowing for scaleable development options dependent on discovered volumes

  • Seismic data re-processing and interpretation confirms seismic amplitude increase with offset - indicative of gas cap over Buna, the largest mapped closure
  • Buna represents one of the lowest cost muti-Tcf propositions to validate - 2D infill seismic and jack-up rig for shallow coastal water setting

  • 2018: Field sampling campaign to de-risk reservoir quality and confirm presence of seeps and shows in the region
  • 2018: Move to a data room and complete farm-out process

  • 2019 & 2020: Infill seismic acquisition and deliver drill-ready prospect

PPL 560 Location Map


Montage EWD09-03 seismic line, AVO attributes and NMO gathers

Montage of line EWD09-03 reprocessed seismic data and AVO attributes.