PPL 391

PPL 391 - (Rawson Oil and Gas 60%, Operator)

Rawson Oil and Gas has a 60% interest in PPL 391, North New Guinea Basin, Papua New Guinea.

  • The Matapau oil accumulation in PPL 391 has been largely ignored for the last 50 years, yet offers the potential of a short transition into production on the back of testing the shallow reservoir with a low cost 'twin' slim hole

  • The Matapau wells are located only one kilometre from the coast, with the original machinery access track still serviceable, providing good access for light weight drilling and production equipment

  • Our oil sampling campaign collected a good quality API oil, suggesting lower than expected biodegration indicating continual charge into the reservoir

  • Local villagers have been collecting small volumes of oil from the Matapau wells for approximately 70 years

  • Rawson has executed the decision to top-file the existing PPL 391 to secure a new 6-year licence term - award is expected in early-2018

    PPL 391 Location Map