PPL 391

PPL 391 - (Rawson Oil and Gas 60%, Operator)

Rawson Oil and Gas has a 60% interest in PPL 391, Aitape Basin, Papua New Guinea.

  • Rawson have entered into a conditional SPA for Moira Limited, who have 100% interest in PPL 391

  • The PPL 391 licence area encompasses the Matapau oil seeps and shallow wells

  • The Matapau wells targeted and discovered oil in the shallow fractured basement

  • Rawson believe there is further potential in a carbonate reef play, extending from PPL 549 to the west, of which Rawson have 100%

  • The first phase of the exploration work program will focus on understanding the structural and geochemical aspects of the Matapau accumulation

  • Rawson are confident that one or more successful shallow "twin" wells could provide a relatively quick and cost-effective development option

    Oil Sampling



    Dipping the Matapau wells