PEL 154

PEL 154 - (Rawson Oil and Gas 100%, Operator)

Rawson, through our 100% subsidiary Otway Energy, operates Petroleum Exploration Licence (PEL) 154.
  • Five year license, currently in Year 3

  • Covers an area of approximately 300 km2

  • 35 km2 3D seismic acquired 2009

  • Both conventional and unconventional prospectivity

  • Two conventional prospects defined on 3D seismic and numerous leads defined on 2D seismic

  • One exploration well – Year 5

The exploration licence comprises two separate blocks in the Otway Basin, South Australia. The eastern block is located approximately 16 km west of Mount Gambier, while the western block is located approximately 18 km southeast of Robe.
Conventional: Conventional prospects defined in PEL 154 target the Warre Sandstone. The Benara Prospect has 4-way closure over 2.4km² and is mapped on good quality 3D seismic data. The Benara East Prospect is a faulted three-way dip closure over 1.7 km². The Warre Sandstone is an important reservoir in the eastern Otway Basin and hosts numerous gas fields including the Minerva and Casino fields.
Unconventional: PEL 154 is well located over the Portland and St Clair Troughs to be prospective for unconventional exploration. Maturity modelling indicate the Laira, Pretty Hill and Casterton Formations are likely mature for oil and gas generation.