APPL 550

APPL 550 - (Rawson Oil and Gas 60%, Operator)

Rawson Oil and Gas has a 60% interest in APPL 550, Papuan Basin, Papua New Guinea.

  • The licence application is for a six year term, with a further 6 year renewal period

  • The Western Province has a high exploration drilling success rate with the Stanley, Elevala/Ketu, Tingu, Douglas, Puk Puk and Kimu discoveries
  • Existing Fly River platform licence holders and the PNG National Oil Company are exploring gas aggregation option to promote development - the Western forelands has approximately 2.0 to 2.5 Tcf gas 2C resource and P'nyang approximately 3.5 Tcf 2C resource

  • APPL 550 is well positioned to take advantage of gas aggregation development in the Western Province

  • Targets include mapped structures in the Toro and Elevala Sandstones.

APPL 550 Location Map